About one hub

The Ottawa Newcomer Entrepreneurs Hub (ONE Hub for short) is an initiative developed by the coalition partners World Skills, OCISO, & OCLF along with the support of our community partners Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre and Vitesse Re-Skilling Canada, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The ONE Hub aims to remove barriers to self-employment and to support the social and economic integration of current and aspiring entrepreneurial newcomers by providing them with training, business support, funding advice, networking and mentorship opportunities, and by connecting them with other key players within the ecosystem.

Team ONE Hub

Grace Sheng

Grace Sheng​

Manager and TESL Trainer, World Skills Employment Centre

Grace has been working in entrepreneurial training for the past 5 years and started managing the ONE Hub program in June 2020.  In addition, as a certified TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Trainer for the ONE Hub program, Grace introduces aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs to the theoretical concepts and definitions of entrepreneurship with a focus on improving clients’ language skills.

Sumyia Sheikh

Business Development Advisor, OCISO

Sumyia has ten years of experience in management consulting, investment, and business plan development. She has a passion for start-ups and a deep respect for entrepreneurship. As she has worked directly with more than 50 entrepreneurs over the years, she has become just as invested in the risks they take on as they are. In her opinion, “there is nothing more admirable than seeing an entrepreneur’s vision become a reality.

Kais Al-Iriani

Financial Literacy Coordinator, OCLF

Kais has vast experience in international development and private investment projects that focus on poverty reduction, social development, economic development.

He also led successful programs to promote entrepreneurship, microfinance, and gender equality.

Danielle Kerr

Outreach & Engagement Specialist, World Skills Employment Centre

Danielle has many years of experience working with families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an Emphasis in Linguistics, her interests focus on the tools of  communication. Danielle is also TESFL-certified (Teaching English as a Second Language) and holds a certification in small business marketing.

Sara Tavasoli

Sara Tavasoli

Intake, Assessment and Referral Counsellor, World Skills Employment Centre

Sara has over 5 years of experience in newcomer integration and settlement in Ottawa and has worked as a TESL certified English teacher, workshop facilitator and Workplace Language Training instructor.

Tatanisha Riggan

Tatanisha Riggan​

Mentorship Coordinator, OCISO

Tatanisha has over 7 years of experience in the social service sector with a focus on career development within marginalized communities. She believes that businesses and communities thrive when diversity, inclusion and sustainability are encouraged.