Alem Legesse, Founder & CEO of TrendifyLive Canada

Meet Alem Legesse, the founder and CEO of @TrendifyLive Canada. 

TrendifyLive is a powerful software that allows users to share real-time data analytics of public sentiments through social media. Trusted for its accuracy and insightfulness, TrendifyLive enables users to select what they want to monitor on their own terms. For instance, it empowers voters to make informed decisions by simplifying and ranking candidates’ promises using AI/machine learning capabilities in Canada, USA and around the world.  

Alem affirms that diversity and inclusion are not only the right thing to do but also the ultimate path to growth in business & have global relevance. As a professor and member of Algonquin College’s Inclusion and Diversity Circle, Alem continually champions the participation of women, Black and Indigenous groups within the technology sector. Alem also gives back to the community by mentoring the youth in The Launch program. A program that helps under-served youth (18-29 years of age) in the Ottawa area to gain entrepreneurship, technology skills and experience.  

Check out our latest Lunch & Learn session to hearing Alem’s inspiring immigration journey from Ethiopia and lessons he has to share from his entrepreneurial journey in Canada. 

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