Entrepreneurial Training

Entrepreneurial training is provided to clients that are interested in learning knowledge and skills that will assist them to become successful entrepreneurs.  Clients must have a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level 5+ in order to be eligible for the training program.  Training is comprised of 8 weeks of 4 hour sessions from Mon. To Thur.  There are three levels of training and a number of specialized workshops.  To receive a Certificate of Completion, clients must attend 80% of the training program.

Level 1 – Foundations of Entrepreneurship:

  • Language focused on the theoretical concepts and definitions of entrepreneurship.
  • Explore different business ideas, including their own, to determine its feasibility and viability.
  • Learn about the importance, structure and terminology of a Business Plan or Business Canvas Model, which are the key documents of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn about market research, traditional marketing and digital marketing and when and how to optimize social media.
  • Learn about financial terminology, bookkeeping, accounting, helpful financial documents, and funding opportunities.

Level 2 – Starting a Business:

  • This is the “how to” of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how to conduct market research for your business idea.
  • Develop a Business Plan or Business Canvas Model.
  • Develop a Marketing Plan.
  • Learn about different legal business structures .
  • Learn about the importance and use of networking.

Level 3 – Launching a Business:

  • Advanced knowledge and skills development.
  • Learn about personal and corporate budgeting and taxation.
  • Learn when and how to register a business.
  • Build a Cashflow projection for your business.
  • Learn about the moral ethics and responsibilities of a business owner.

Entrepreneurial Essentials Option:

  • Condensed schedule of 3 weeks for someone with a viable business idea.
  • Workshops include: Writing a Business Plan, Conducting Market Research, Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics, Registering Your Small Business

Introduction to Entrepreneurship Option:

  • Online self learning program consisting of 7 courses.
  • You will be introduced to basic steps to starting a business in Canada.
  • If you would like to explore entrepreneurship in Canada even if you do not have a specific business idea, you may participate in this training.