Nordia Bogle, Entrepreneur & Personal Brand Strategist!

Meet Nordia Bogle M.Ed, entrepreneur and Personal Brand Strategist!

In her business, she consults ambitious immigrant women to build bold and noticeable personal brands that increase their visibility and marketability for career advancement. 

Nordia affirms that, as immigrants, building a life in a new country requires that we show up and develop our personal brands with intention. In her view, your personal brand aims not to impress others falsely but to communicate your value and expertise to increase visibility and attract the right people and opportunities. 

She believes we achieve the success we desire only through planning and taking action. Suppose you love a good plan with clear steps and you are not afraid to take action. In that case, you will love the one-on-one services and customized professional development workshops she offers for building bold and noticeable personal brands. 

Check out our latest Lunch & Learn session to hear Nordia’s inspiring immigration journey from Jamaica and the lessons she has to share from her entrepreneurial journey in Canada. 

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