ONE Hub Guest Speaker: Komlanvi Dodjro, Founder and CEO of Dodjivi

Meet Komlanvi Dodjro, founder and CEO of Dodjivi! 

Komlanvi is originally from a small village in the depth of Togo. From an early age, he got the entrepreneurial bug and knew wanted to be a part of something great. Today he is ready to start a health revolution, one mushroom at a time.   

Dodjivi is an award-winning Canadian health and wellness company specializing in functional, high-quality mushroom-based products. Their delicious premium healthy mushroom coffee blends are formulated to enhance your path to wellness. Packed with antioxidants and rich nutrients known to help restore your body, mind, spirit, and vitality. 

Komlanvi and his company have won several industry awards including the Excelor Prize of the Chamber of Commerce of Gatineau and the 2022 Global PAC. The PAC Awards is a global celebration of the craft of package brand design and innovation. They won the Award of Distinction from the 2022 Global PAC Awards in the Revitalized Beverage Category. 

Check out our Lunch & Learn session to hearing Komlanvi’s inspiring immigration journey and lessons he has to share from his entrepreneurial journey in Canada. 

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